Marc Ryan

Having admired Kristi's and Alicia's work from afar for quite some time, it truly is a privilege to be able to contribute on a site that's the only one of its kind. I host a morning drive sports radio program, "The Morning Wrap," for 100.3 FM and "The Ticket Sports Network" in the Florida Panhandle. The show airs daily from 6am until 9am central time. You may stream the show live at www.theticketsportsnetwork.com . I've been in the panhandle since mid-2009, and experienced my first national hosting experience here, as a fill-in on Sporting News Radio, now Yahoo Sports Radio. Prior to this, I was host of "Marc Ryan's Sports Section," in Orlando, where I was fortunate enough to have been named "Best Sports Host" by Orlando Magazine. I'm a graduate of the University of Florida, with a degree in Telecommunications.
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Quarterback Value Statistic – FAQs

FAQ’S about the QBV, Quarterback Value Statistic 1. What was the motivation behind doing devising this? A: We’ve long been believers that intangibles make up greater than 50% of the equation for winning and losing in ALL sports. This feeling turned into frustration and the frustration came to a boil recently after hearing repeated interviews … Continue reading

Total Quarterback Value (QBV) through Week 15

 What is QBV? A: A brand new statistic which accurately measures the overall ability, contribution, and value of NFL quarterbacks. We use nothing but real statistics. Complete objectivity – no subjectivity. Solid data – zero conjecture. It could dramatically change for the better the way we evaluate the position. It makes the intangibles tangible, and … Continue reading